ARAS / AG Truck


  • 4 WD / Mechanical Drive
  • 430 HP 9L Cummins Engine
  • ALLISON 4000 RDS Series Automatic Transmission
  • Marmon-Herrington Transfer Case 750-400 series
  • Meritor Super-Duty #33,000 Axles / Differential Locks
  • ’S’ Cam Brakes
  • 4 X 10“ Tubular Chassis with Industrial Powder Coated Frame
  • Four Corners are Double Shocked with Rear Twin-Bag Air Ride
  • Deluxe Crenlo Cab with Factory Tinted Windows and Leather Seat (option)
  • Engine Breaking
  • Dual throttle, foot and hand (option)
  • Back Up Camera (option)
  • 50 MPH Road Speed

Allison 4000 RDS Series Automatic Transmission

The 4000 RDS Series is the largest available in a self-propelled chassis. That’s why we use them in ARAS — tough, dependable, smooth shifting and rock solid.

On hills, Allison Automatic Transmissions provide a smooth shift that helps protect other drivetrain components, avoiding damage to planetaries, axles and boom assemblies.

Meritor Drive Axles

Monster direct drive axles that provide superior efficiency. Welded steel housings, rated at #33,000 makes them the heaviest axle in the self-propelled market. Equipped with deep planetaries that hold double the oil of others and promotes long life of the massive gear sets. Built from readily available domestic parts for ease of service.

Cummins 9L 430 HP

Dependable Cummins high torque power! ARAS’s engine and emission system is a common platform and readily serviceable. In the event you need assistance, any mechanic with Cummins software can quickly plug-in and start troubleshooting.

TBE Custom Cab

Specifically designed for improved visibility and with operator comfort in mind — long days in the field are not going to feel as long!

  • Comfortable insulated two-person cab
  • Deep storage hatch next to driver
  • Rear cargo bins and cup holders
  • Touch button shifting and transmission health
  • Air brake parking control
  • Electronic throttle pedal
  • Multi-function console housing info screens and main control switches
  • Automatic Heating and A/C
  • High Back Leather 8-Way Seat with Adjustable Air Ride
  • Tilt and Telescoping Steering Wheel

Interior features include: positive pressure air conditioning; rocker switch lighting controls; stereo with bluetooth speakers and subwoofer; easy-to-read central display with MPH, engine temperature, oil pressure and other vital Information; and multi-icon warning light panel.

Acoustic ceiling and sound control panels throughout the interior space make this the quietest cab ever on an ag truck of this size.

After Factory Options / Dealer Installation

  • Specialty Aluminum Boom
  • Boom Widths From 90’-132’
  • Boom Section Remote
  • Hawkeye Nozzle Control
  • 2000 Gallon Standard, 1600 or 2400 Gallon Available
  • 25 Gallon Deep Sump Tank – Keeps the Pump Primed!
  • All Plumbing and Tank will Gravity Drain – Super Tough!

Be sure to contact your preferred dealer for pricing, availability, options and more information about ARAS.

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