New Leaders at Tuff Boy

5/1/24, LATHROP, CA – Tuff Boy has made some major personnel changes. In the last two years, new executives have been hired for all top level positions in the company:

  • Brett Mueller, CEO Brett brings to Tuff Boy more than 35 years of experience in management and C-suite positions. Along with a degree in applied science and engineering, Brett has a wealth of knowledge in research and manufacturing processes, product development, inventory and logistics, quality control, and ISO standards.
  • Lynda Willis, CFO Lynda has 30 years of experience driving financial improvement and creating value through innovation, process improvement, and data analytics. With her MBA in Corporate Finance and an undergraduate degree in accounting, Lynda has experience and expertise in the areas of supply chains, IT, and operations.
  • Robert Mankins, VP Sales & Marketing Robert joined us with over 25 years of corporate business experience within Fortune 25 Companies. His business acumen includes business development, finance, forecasting, manufacturing oversight, and quality control. He has built, trained, mentored, and managed sales and marketing teams for a variety of ag equipment and products.

Of course, Tuff Boy is still 100% family owned. The daughters of the founders and their spouses serve as board members and work in daily operations. Marcia Perkins and Melissa King assist with records, accounting, and community outreach, while Bryce Perkins and Rick King both work in sales and marketing.

If there’s something any of our team can help you with, please call or email. Thank you!